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The administrators are the highest level of authority on the site. They manage the RP as game-masters by playing NPCs and thus progressing the story. They also manage the site in it's technical aspects in the console. They're lead by the head-administrator/founder, but admins are generally allowed to act freely due to the trust given to them. Due to this they're the final-word, and are responsible for the site as a whole.

  • Nuczija: The founder, head-administrator, and owner of the site. I've been here for nearly 6 years and don't plan on leaving. I have a vested interest to make USW the best role-playing experience for everyone involved, considering I am a player as well.
  • Laufey: The main, and only other administrator of the site. He's been here nearly as long as Nuczija and has a great interest in Star Wars. He is basically the co-founder, being one of the first people to join and manage the site. Laufey specifically looks into character-applications, making sure everyone has a smooth creation process.

The moderators are a varying level of authority on the site. There are different levels of moderators, but most are on the same level. There's a head-moderator who manages them and moderates the site as whole. Then there's global-moderators who moderate the entire site, but mostly the RP sections naturally. Then there's various specialized moderators who are only responsible for a specific category, or even forum.

  • Zandar: A global-moderator, but he mostly moderates the character-applications and role-play sections. Zandar has been here for even longer than Laufey, and is basically a co-founder as well.
  • Aang2001: A moderator, but is the bumlord, lord of the bums.
  • .LEGEND: A moderator, and some bum, subject of the bumlord.
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